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Benefits to Members

Representing interests of all members in any debate with the government in the process of reviewing the seeds laws, decrees, rules and regulations.

Developing the seed industry in a healthy, stable and sustainably growing atmosphere. The privately-led seed industry must be capable of achieving profitability to attract more private investment and achieve better benefits to the farmers, exporters and the agricultural development at large.

Creating a collaborative spirit among all parties in the seed industry towards he attainment of their common interests.

Increasing access to information and new seed technologies, including management, marketing and collective promotion to expand the base of high-quality seed end users in the domestic and foreign markets alike.

Social Benefits

1- Benefits to Farmers and Agricultural Development

Promote production and supply of certified seeds and seedlings when duly needed and at competitive prices.

Achieve higher yield and output of labour, thus opening the door for greater productivity and for accelerated agricultural growth.

Expand the productive capacity of the cropped areas through encouraging investment the other complementary inputs especially fertilizers.

Reduce plant growth season, thus opening new horizons for agricultural intensification.

Create new jobs through the needed intensive labour in the agronomic practices, thus helping in alleviation of poverty and narrowing the discrepancy in rural income distribution.

Build capacity for active sustainable self-sufficiency and food security to ensure food availability for a growing population.

Assist in environmental protection, including human health, through the development and use of pest-resistant varieties that reduce application of chemical pesticides.

2- Benefits To Exporters

High quality seeds and seedlings will encourage export-oriented production, reduce cost per unit of output and maximize the use of competitive advantages of the Egyptian exportable crops.

High-quality seeds and seedlings produce homogenous high-quality exportable products that meet an effective demand in the market and improve competitiveness of the Egyptian agricultural exports.

Introduction of high quality seeds and seedlings will help exporters compete in the foreign markets and enhance their resilience to respond quickly to the changing market requirements.

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