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Organizing Committees

The International Organization Committee of the conference is composed of:
1. Fawzi Mahrous, Chairman, National Seed Council, Cairo, Egypt
2. Zewdie Bishaw, Head, Seed Unit, International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas, Aleppo, Syria
3. Bernard Le Buanec, Secretary General, International Seed Federation, Nyon, Switzerland
4. Sampan Campiranon, Director, Asia Pacific Seed Association, Bangkok, Thailand
5. Rolf Jördens, Vice Secretary General, International Union for Protection of New Plant Varieties, Geneva, Switzerland
6. Arturo Martinez, Chief, Seed and Pant Genetic Services, FAO, Rome, Italy
7. Michael Muschick, Secretary General, International Seed Testing Association, Bassersdorf, Switzerland
8. Ayhan Elçi, Secretary General, Turkish Seed Industry Association, Ankara, Turkey
9. A.J. G. van Gastel, Harspit 10,8493KB, Terherne, The Netherlands

National Organizing Committee

The National Organizing Committee of the conference comprises:

1- the Egyptian Seed Association (ESAS) as the organizing body,
2- National Seed Council of Egypt
3- the Seed Unit of ICARDA.

For more information on the above institutions, please visit the website:

The Egyptian Seed Association (ESAS) (

National Seed Council (

The Seed Unit of ICARDA (

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