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     The Conference

The Second International Seed Conference is aimed at exploring and promoting seed trade within the CWANA region and beyond. The Conference will provide a forum to promote regional seed trade among seed companies within and outside the region and to share experiences among stakeholders of the seed industry. Conference participants will come from the private sector (seed companies, agricultural input suppliers, seed equipment manufacturers), public sector, international/ regional/national seed trade associations and international/regional development organizations working on seeds.

While the main focus of the conference will be on seed trade, the conference program includes key presentations covering policy, regulatory, institutional and technical issues affecting the seed industry development at global, regional and national levels.

Topics include:

· Status and prospects in global and regional seed trade

· Protection of intellectual property rights

· GMOs and biosafety in seed trade

· Biofuels and impacts on seed and grain trade

· Status and role of private seed sector in selected CWANA countries

· Accreditation in seed quality assurance

· Harmonization of seed regulatory frameworks

Exhibition and Trading Rooms

An Exhibition space (2.4 m x 1.5 m, with one table and two chairs) will be available for companies (seed companies, seed equipment manufacturers, agricultural input providers, agricultural machinery manufacturers, etc) who wish to exhibit their products. The fee is L.E. 2,500 for Egyptian and USD$ 600 for non-Egyptian companies for two days including registration for one person to attend the conference. Additional area can be rented at L.E. 500 for each sq m.

Trading tables available for business dealings at the price of 200 USD$ for Non-Egyptian and 500 L.E. for Egyptians for two days (Round table with 6 Chairs)

Want to treat your partners? Private Dinners, events and meeting facilities could also be organized on your behalf by the organizing body.

For more information, please contact the conference secretariat.

Pharonic Gala Dinner and Show (A Banquet in the blessed land of Kemet)

Would you like to experience Dinner the pharonic way? Indulge yourself in a breath taking experience of oriental food, in an ancient ambient, with live shows and Pharonic dances.

The Splendors of ancient Egypt come to life as we visit the Pharaohs of days gone by in the elegant setting of Egyptian wonders.

As you enter the hall foyer, Pharaoh in person hands you the symbol of his permission to enter the land of Gods and offers his blessings to your journey.

You shall witness a make up of the stupendous pyramid of Giza that have reigned over the awesome plateau for centuries, the ancient guards shall welcome you to enter the pyramid to travel back through ancient Egypt.

The golden key of life permits your entry through a magnificent corridor to the treasure room of the young king Tut Ank Amon.As you step in, your eyes witness the scene that met Carter when he first came across the stupendous treasure hidden for centuries in the preserving sand of the south.

Another corridor leads you out of the treasure chamber and onto the floor of the breath taking area where your Banquet is set.

On the walls around you, scenes from every day life are depicted in the true spirit of the images in the royal palaces of the era.

Your tables sport the finest Egyptian linen in black and gold.

Residing in court, the representational figures of great king Ramses himself, majestically overlooks the hall adding to the grandeur of the columns and other objects from the old kingdom.

The ceiling of the hall is covered with massive stars hanging down remind you that your evening is well looked after by Nut who holds up the sky for you to enjoy the most memorable evening

Conference Website and Registration

For more information on the conference, please visit the official conference website at: (Arabic and English)

Or other portals:

ICARDA: (English)

National Seed Council: (Arabic & English)

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