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About ESAS

ESAS was officially established in March 1998 as a not-for-profit NGO, in accordance with law 32 of 1964. The founding member include plant breeders, seed producers, traders, importers and exporters, in addition to other interested parties in Egypt. As a specialized seed association, ESAS was established to represent the interests of its members under the economic reform program being implemented in Egypt. 

ESAS visionis to establish a more liberalized and integrated seed industry in Egypt so as to increase private investment and further enhance agricultural development.
1-Constructive cooperation with governmental bodies in order to improve the legal and regulatory framework,and build a competitive environment for the seed industry.

2-Providing members with valuable group services necessary to improve thier seed business and achieving competitive quality standards.

3-Applying the seed industry code of ethics.

4-Presenting the important role of private sector in agriculural development in Egypt and networking with related organizations and federations

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